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ZIFF 2017 will provide new opportunities for African filmmakers

The 20th edition of the Zanzibar International Film Festival will provide a host of opportunities for filmmakers, and in particular African filmmakers. With new categories and prizes on offer in 2017, African filmmakers especially, are encouraged to submit their films via the submission page on ZIFF website.

ZIFF 2017 will award films in the following categories: African Cinema (Continent and Diaspora), Dhow Countries (Countries of the Indian Ocean Rim, the Arab Peninsular and Indian Ocean Islands, including Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan), International (from all over the world with particular attention to African issues and realities), East African Film, East African Music Video

African filmmakers are also specifically encouraged to apply for special prizes, notably the Sembene Ousmane Prize, supported by GIZ, that is open to Africans and Africans in the diaspora. Each of the three winning films is awarded with 2 000 USD specifically earmarked to produce a new short film to be ready by ZIFF 2018. 

Other prizes specifically for African filmmakers include: Bongo Movies Awards: Popular culture films in Kiswahili, Emerson of Zanzibar Prize Films: Films of all genres about Zanzibar, made by or made in Zanzibar, SIGNIS Awards (Best African Film and Best East African Talent Award): The SIGNIS Jury will present its award to a film that is deemed to exemplify universal and spiritual values that enhance human dignity, justice and tolerance through the art of cinematic expression, EAFF Award (European African Film Festival), Best Documentary by an AFRICAN female Filmmaker.

Additionally, ZIFF is once again partnering with Harambee Africa to promote the seventh edition of the biennial contest dedicated to professional documentary filmmakers and video clips by students under 25 years old. Hoping to promote a more accurate image of Africa, Harambee Africa International ONLUS has launched the VII International Communicating Africa Prize for professional reports and/or documentaries. This international audio-visual contest aims to contribute to a more realistic view of Africa, one that reflects the existing conflicts but also shows the reasons for hope; the richness and diversity of its peoples and cultures, the unwavering commitment to development, and at the same time the needs, which are still very real.

The deadline to participate is 30 September 2017. To register click here. The prize for the winner of the Documentaries and Reports category is €5 000. For video clips made by students, the total prize is €1 500. Harambee means "All together" in Swahili and summarises the meaning of this organisation. All together to accompany a continent that has much to teach the world. Deadline for submission is 15 March 2017

For all submission and related criteria and information please visit the ZIFF website

Source : Screen Africa

February 9, 2017
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