Strengthening of Mozambican Cultural Industries through capacity-building and enhancement of Legal Framework

Applicant: Ministry of Culture of Mozambique (Mozambique)
Location: Mozambique
Duration: 26 months
Amount of the grant: 399 301 €
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Manual for the management of cultural industries. A practical guide

Led by the Mozambique Ministry of Culture, this project foresees a series of training events targeting public and private actors of the Mozambican cultural sector in order to strengthen the contribution of cultural industries to the national socio-economic development. The improvement of the regulatory framework for cultural industries constitutes one of the major expected results of the project. 


December 2014: launching of the Manual of management of cultural industries.

Preparation of the reform of the legal framawork.

From 22 to 23 June 2015. Training seminar for cultural agents “Public / Private ally Cultural Industries and funding”. Maputo City- National Institute of Audi-Visual and Cinema (INAC).

From 23 to 25 April 2015. Training seminar for public officials based on the training manual, Maputo Province, Matola City – Maputo.

From January and February  2015. A public agent Mozambican realiser an internship in the BASA to get to know the financing model for Cultural Industries, Johannesburg, South-Africa.

September to November 2015. Several meetings with partners and private business and cultural agents to explain the partnership models.

From January to March 2015. Develop an action plan to implement the Copyright Law and Related Rights.

From January to March 2015. Draw up a report and proposal on the Statute of the Artist.

From January to March 2015. Elaborate a Report and Proposal to update the to update the Patronage law.

October to December 2015. Compile and analyse the frame regulate which affects the different sectors of cultural industries.

August and September 2015. Two seminars of disclosure the Marco regulatory of the cultural sector to the cultural field, Maputo, Nampula, Cabo-Delgado, Niassa.


Launching of the Manual on cultural industries


Mozambican artesany

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