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The Observatory was created in order to collect and distribute information about the audiovisual industries in Europe. By making this information available, the Observatory aims at promoting greater transparency and a clearer understanding of the ways in which the audiovisual industries in Europe function, both from an economic and legal point of view.

The Observatory provides information on the various audiovisual markets in Europe and their financing. It also analyses and reports on the legal issues affecting the different sectors of the audiovisual industry.

The Observatories’ website accommodates several databases such as IRIS Merlin, a database on legal information relevant to the audiovisual sector in Europe, and KORDA, a database on public funding for film and audiovisual works in Europe. 

The documentation centre of the Observatory of Cultural Policies in Grenoble is a documentation service with over 6,000 references: journals, essays, studies, reports.

OCPA, the Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa, is an independent pan-African non-governmental organisation aiming to enhance the development of national cultural policies in the region and their integration in human development strategies through advocacy and promoting information exchange, research, capacity building and cooperation at the regional and international level.

The organisation’s online resource centre offers access to a wide range of African cultural information.

The Observatory of Cultural Policies contains a collection of documents, research and evaluation tools covering a variety of topics in the field of cultural policies, amongst others the economy of culture, statistics, and cultural indicators ... A wide range of artistic disciplines are concerned. Consult their database.

The UNESCO Chair “Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development”, affiliated to the Department of Cultural Policy of the University of Hildesheim (Germany), is dealing with questions related to cultural policies, arts and socio-political processes in development. Consult their online resource centre. 

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