Music Bridges : interludio amongst Pacific, Africa and Europe

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Applicant: COSV- Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servizio Voluntario (Italy)
Location: Vanuatu, Mozambique
Duration: 24 months
Amount of the grant: 498 400 €
Project url: website
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The singer Beauty Sitoe from Mozambique. Photo : Cristina Panicali

This action built cooperation between three structures of the music industry based in Vanuatu, Mozambique, and Italy. Among others, the main activities foreseen under this project included the organisation of creative residencies for musicians of the two South countries, tours of artists and distribution of works and albums in the two countries, support to local festivals, training sessions for the various professions involved in the sector, and the creation of a promotional web site.

Two years after the conclusion of the project, two musicians from the Music Bridges network were invited by the European Commission to participate in Dev Days in June 2016 and perform a musical performance. The two artists are Tio Bang (Vanuatu) and Mokoneny (Mozambique).




May : 2nd music residential camp in Mozambique.


8-23 October 2013 : the Singaot Musik Kamp, the first residential camp for musicians organized by the Music Bridges project, was held on the island of Espiritu Santo, in Vanuatu. 60 musicians from Vanuatu, Mozambique, La Reunion, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, West Papua, Tonga, Australia and Austria came together to share their music before playing together at festivals Lukaotem Gud Santo (Espiritu Santo) and Fest'Napuan (Port-Vila).

The SMK participants after their performance at the Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival.


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