Launching of the ACP-EU Programme "towards a viable cultural industry"

The Secretariat of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and the European Union have the pleasure to inform you of the launch of a cultural program between the two institutions titled:  «ACP-EU Programme towards a viable cultural industry» (ACP-EU Culture).

Duringthe 50th anniversary of the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO), Mr. Léonard-Emile OGNIMBA, Assistant Secretary General of ACPand Mr. Stefano MANSERVISI, Director General for DEVCO, officially launched the Programme, of which the aim is to support the culture and creative sector in the 79 ACP countries and contribute to its socio-economic development, through:

  • Creation and production of high quality goods and services at a competitive price;
  • Access to international, national and regional markets; circulation, distribution and promotion of ACP goods and services;
  • Improvement of access to funding via innovative mechanisms.

The Programmeis structured through grants to the cultural and creative subsidies, enabling the creation of jobs, better recognition and appreciation of artists and their work as well as increasing the access to culture for all.

The Programme has an overall budget of EUR 40 million, divided into three main components: 1) Support to the cultural and creative sectors in ACP countries (EUR 26 million); 2) Support for audiovisual productions in ACP countries (EUR 10 million) and 3) the management of a digital Platform for the cultural entrepreneurs and operators of ACP, European countries as well as for the European countries’ partners.

The guidelines for calls for projects will soon be published and we invite you to regularly follow the announcements posted temporarily on the website acpculturesplus awaiting the ACP-UE Culture website to be put online.


For further information, please contact Julien Jacques at


April 16, 2019
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