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The event will be held in Accra on 22nd and 23rd October 2015

Seminar on the status of culture sector in West Africa and the potential for growth under the EU-ECOWAS Economic Partnership Agreement

The Centre for Culture and African Studies (CeCast) is about to launch a seminar to present the study “Facilitating the Development and Growth of the Culture & Art Sector in the EU-ECOWAS Economic partnership”. The seminar will be held in Accra on 22nd and 23rd October.

The study has been developed under the ACPCultures+ supported project “Facilitating the Development and Growth of the Culture & Arts Sector under the EU- ECOWAS Economic Partnership Agreement”.

The report is an analysis of the different culture sectors in the partner countries, identifying their weaknesses and strength and to advocate for key recommendations for engaging the culture sector in the ECOWAS – EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations and its subsequent implementation. After its endorsement by the participants, the findings of the study would be used as the basis for developing policy positions by culture stakeholders within the sub-region and to lobby governments in the region to support policy positions within the context of the EPA services negotiations between the EU and ECOWAS. Furthermore the outcomes of the conference can lead to reforms in the culture industry, the introduction of new regulations, the establishment of new institutions and strengthening of existing ones to support the development and growth of the culture sector in the sub-region. The report recommendations would help explore the importance of the EPA as a tool for the implementation of UNESCO Conventions to facilitate trade in cultural goods & services amongst ECOWAS countries and between ECOWAS and the European market. By doing so contribute to the development and growth of the culture sector, and reduce poverty amongst artists in the West African sub-region.

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) signed by the ECOWAS Commission and the EU is aimed at promoting goods and services trade between the two regions, including cultural services. The culture sector in the ECOWAS Region, nevertheless, suffers from a number of challenges which hampers its development and growth and limits the exchanges with European partners.

The study will be discussed and endorsed by the participants, leading to a roadmap for the better EPA negotiation’ strategies, involving key stakeholders, national authorities and artists groups.

High level key note speakers include Mrs Dzifa Gomashie, Ghanaian Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts, Mr Ignacio Burull, Head of Cooperation, EC Delegation in Ghana, Dr Obideyi Gbenga, Head of the Trade Directorate, ECOWAS Commission, Mrs Vesta Adu-Gyamfi Director for the Centre for Culture and Arts (CeCast), KUNST and business leaders and culture experts from across the ECOWAS Region.


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September 29, 2015
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