March 12, 2018

Fibby Kioria

Project Director

In the context of the final conference of the ACPCultures+ Programme, we met the director of Maisha Film Lab, who achieved to create a pool of internationally recognised African filmmakers

Since 10 years, the Maisha Foundation in Uganda is training 60 filmmakers on screenwriting. Each seminar lasts for 8-day. Among the participants, 4 are chosen every year and offered 2000 euro’s to be able to develop their short film.

Throughout the years the Maisha Foundation achieved its goal of having internationally recognised African filmmakers. The initial objective was to have at least 5 active film directors in East-Africa after 10 years. Maisha realises that they have created a pool of at least 30 good film directors today. With the help of ACPCultures+, the Maisha foundation is growing and providing more opportunities for professionals in East-Africa every year.

Read the project's presentation.

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