WIPO's longstanding commitment to copyright protection has been confined to the legal and technical aspects of this issue for many years. This publication reflects the Organization's determination to also take into account the economic benefits of effective copyright protection.

This guide is intended as a compendium of practical advice for all countries wishing to assess and measure their creative and information sector. In this regard, developing countries, countries with economies in transition and developed countries may need guidelines and benchmarks.

This guide aims at facilitating the national and international research and the comparison of studies, as well as to foster more in-depth research and even wider awareness of the economic importance of copyright protection.

It has three objectives:

• summarize the experience gained in the evaluation of copyright and related rights industries;

• develop a useful instrument in the form of guiding principles, recommendations and evaluation methods to be considered and applied in future surveys on the importance and economic contribution of the creative and information sector of a country;

• establish a basis for comparison for future surveys based on reliable data and common methods.

Download the guide (French/English/Spanish) HERE

August 11, 2017
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