Documentation Centre

A unique source of information on ACP cultural policies and industries – Africa, Caribbean and Pacific

Researchers, cultural policy makers, cultural projects development leaders: this tool is made for you! The ACPCultures+ Programme’s Documentation Centre is a collection of more than 400 publications, including studies, research papers, statistical data, news articles, analytical and institutional reference documents. With its powerful search engine, the exhaustive database – ordered by theme, country, language and author – is efficient and easy to use.

An indispensable tool of discovery and cooperation, the Documentation Centre was made possible by the Cultural Policies department of the ACPCultures+ Programme. Its objective is to provide support to the ACP countries’ cultural sector professionals and policymakers by helping them better understand the issues and long term, deep-rooted trends faced by its cultural industries. What links exist between culture and development? How can the legal and institutional frameworks of the ACP countries be improved? What is the role and place of culture in GDP? What can be established as good practices in terms of cultural policies? How does one put in place structural strategies in the cultural sector? You can find the answers to these questions and more at the Documentation Centre.

The Documentation Centre includes four items: 'Our studies', ‘Library', 'New publications' and ‘Other Links’.

The 'Our studies' page illustrates tools and research studies conceived in the framework of the ACPCultures + programme (10th EDF) and the ACPCultures programme (9th EDF).

The 'Library' page gives access to a search engine of more than 400 publications and reference documents on cultural industries in ACP countries and around the world. A search may use one or more filters: title, year of publication, type of document, specific geographic region and / or theme (cultural cooperation, culture and development, economy of culture, cultural industries, cultural policies and intellectual property). For more information regarding the selection of reference documents by thematic filter, click here.

The 'New publications' page presents publications recently integrated in the Documentation Centre as well as the ACPCultures+ programme Newsletters "News on cultural industries and policies".

The ‘Other links’ page informs on other resources centers of international cultural observatories. 

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