The ACPCultures+ Programme is implemented by the Secretariat of the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) Group of States and funded under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) by the European Union for an amount of € 30 million. This 3rd Intra-ACP Support Programme for the ACP Cultural Sector (2012-2017) merges the ACPCultures and ACPFilms Programmes, previously implemented under the 9th EDF, into one single support programme.

ACPCultures+ aims to contribute to the fight against poverty through the development and consolidation of viable and sustainable cultural industries in ACP countries by reinforcing their contribution to social and economic development, as well as the preservation of cultural diversity.  

The specific objectives of the Programme are:

  • Reinforcing the creation and production of cultural goods and services in the ACP States through an approach integrated with distribution networks;
  • Supporting an increased access to local, regional, intra-ACP, European and international markets for the cultural goods and services of the ACP States;
  • Building the capacities of culture sector professionals in ACP States;
  • Improving the regulatory environment of the culture sector in ACP States.


The implementation modalities: calls for proposals resulting in the allocation of grants to selected operators in all areas of the culture sector, including cinema and audiovisual.

Under the supervision and direction of the ACP Secretariat, a Technical Assistance has been charged with the preparation and management of the calls for proposals, guiding grant beneficiaries and monitoring the execution of projects with respect to contractual procedures, developing relevant information on the ACP culture sector through different studies, analyses, and recommendations, all while ensuring the promotion and communication of the programme and its activities in the context of the actions of the ACP Group in the culture sector.

The Team is composed of 5 long-term experts :

- Astrid Audibert, Team leader

- Perrine Ledan, Audiovisual & Cinema Expert

- Valerio Caruso, Communication Expert

 - Rosine Moko Yoboh, Administration & Finances Expert (until September 2017)

- Charlotte Morantin, Cultural Policies Expert (until September 2016)


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