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4th Meeting of ACP Ministers of Culture

7-10 November 2017, ACP House, Brussels



Innovative strategies to combat piracy and protect copyright

Tuesday 7 November 2017

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The Senegalese start-up "ALLMADE" has developed in blockchain technology a copyright management software for African collective management societies. Compatible with CISAC standards, it facilitates the collection and distribution of rights by automating the processing of information. Thanks to a musical recognition box that traces the works played in radio, television and discotheques, the start-up also intends to help the States fight against the non-declaration or the fraudulent declaration of the programs.

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Contact : Jean-Pierre Seck, Founder +221781819847/+33674224779



The role of the music industry in achieving the SDGs in Trinidad and Tobago

Wednesday 8 November 2017

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In the 2017 profiling conducted through the Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Ltd (MusicTT), the average music professional in Trinidad and Tobago was seen to be a 36-year-old male who is mostly self-trained. He is, in general, unable to sustain himself from revenue earned through the music industry due to challenges in achieving both market access and increased business skills. Through SDGs, by the year 2030, this profile should read, “The average music professional in Trinidad and Tobago is a 24-year-old female or male who has had a quality music and/ or music business education. S(he) sustains herself from revenue earned through the music industry both locally and internationally.” In its presentation, MusicTT explores what it would take to achieve such a profile as the “orange economy” grows and flourishes in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Contact : Jeanelle  Frontin, General Manager +8687473958



The role of festivals, the strategy of audience development and image education

Wednesday 8 November 2017

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Île-Courts is working on the development of cinema in Mauritius. The role of festivals is to show, transmit, train, create and pool audiences. Since 2007, Ile Courts has welcomed more than 36,000 spectators and trained 168 young people. Dozens of screenings and workshops take place each year during and outside the festival, and the number of spectators continues to grow. This is particularly due to their strategy of capturing audiences by organizing public screenings in original places (beach, factory, garden). Mauritian youth is also at the center of Ile Courts' attention, who developped activites such as the Focus Jeune and the workshops made available to young professionals in the cinema sector.

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Contact : Elise Mignot, Project coordinator / Ophélie Belin :



The fashion industry in the Pacific, engine of economic growth and employment

Thursday 9 November 2017

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The Fashion Council of Fiji (FCF) is an association created at the end of 2010 and which brings together 150 professionals. The fashion sector has become a real tourist product, in a country where tourism contributes up to 30% of GDP. FCF is committed to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly through entrepreneurship and marketing capacity building, to promote and develop a sustainable and inclusive fashion industry in Fiji and throughout the Pacific region.

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Contact : Faraz Ali, President +9927057



Culture, a powerful tool for empowering women and change behaviors

Friday 10 November 2017

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The Tazama Festival was created with the idea of bringing together women filmmakers from the African continent and offering a new platform for exchanges, meetings and sharing. The singularity of this Festival lies in its desire to appeal to women who agree to participate in order to serve a cause: the fight against cancer in Africa. Tazama, which in Swahili means "to see", proves the need for African artists to mobilize and support the efforts of existing associations.

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Contact : Claudia Haïdara Yoka, Director +242068921915



Culture, development and political will

Friday 10 November 2017


With 72 founding members from 23 different African countries, the African Network of Cultural Policies (ACPN) aims to research and advocate for cultural, artistic and heritage policies that are effective and adapted to different African contexts. Full membership of the ACPN is open to any African working in the creative sector on the African continent or within the African Diaspora, as well as to other candidates residing in other regions and working in the arts and culture. Organizations, creative businesses and other institutions may join ACPN as associate members.

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Contact : Mike Van Graan, President +27829003349

November 20, 2017
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